Bankruptcy isn’t a roadblock.

It just requires the right kind of help.

We love helping people turn a challenging history into a positive story. Our underwriting experts look at every application personally, finding the best ways to get borrowers the vehicle—and the fresh start—they need. Even people currently in Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy can get new car financing. We help make the process seamless, painless, and even friendly.

How does my client apply for an account?

We work directly with the dealership to help your client get rolling. Simply email or call us for a list of dealerships we work with in your area, and your client can start the shopping and purchasing process.

What dealerships can they use?

We work with auto dealerships around the country and are continually growing our network. We’re selective about whom we work with, and we only include dealerships we feel great about. Just contact us and we’ll put you in touch with dealers in your area.

My client already found a car…can you still process their application at this point?

Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. It may be a dealership we already work with; we’ll see what our options are.

At what point in the bankruptcy can you give my client an account?

For Chapter 7 bankruptcies we can give them an account at any time. For Chapter 13 bankruptcies the plan has to be confirmed before we can create an account.

More questions? Great. Get in touch.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you have a client in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can apply for financing any time after the bankruptcy has been filed.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If your client is in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they can apply for financing anytime after the bankruptcy plan has been confirmed.

Open a new door for your clients.

Just enter your email address for more information. We can put you in touch with local dealerships and send printable materials for your clients—plus contact info for an Avid Acceptance representative you can call anytime.