Every life is a journey. We Help You Keep Driving Forward
  • Kyle, WA

    After a rough year, I’ve come to know my account manager on a first-name basis. And together, we’ve weathered the storm. The fact that I have one person assigned to assist me is just fantastic.

  • Eva, IL

    My ex-husband was awarded our vehicle in our divorce, but he fell behind on payments and the vehicle was repossessed. I wanted the chance to get the car back, and my Avid account manager made it happen. I was concerned about the severe overdue balance, but she got me started on a clean slate. It meant the world to me.

  • Martin, CO

    Avid realizes a unique person is on the other side of the deal, and I’ve always been treated with respect. I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth—I’m driving a vehicle I’m proud of, my credit is improving, and I have a personal rep available to assist me. I feel like we’re a team helping each other reach our common goals.

  • Danielle, VA

    After losing my car in divorce—and racking up a few dings on my credit along the way—I thought financing another vehicle would be impossible. But, not so. With a little help from Avid, I have a new car that I love.

  • Ella, NC

    I really appreciate that I can speak with the same person every time I call—not an automated phone system, and not someone halfway around the world. It’s an actual person, and it’s the same person.

  • Alex, CA

    I was injured on the job and was unable to work while I waited for my workman’s compensation to come through. Avid understood my situation and made alternative payment options that gave me the time I needed to get my income back. I’m so grateful—when everyone else was out to get me, Avid stepped up to help me.


Life can take unexpected turns.

Our account experts can help you get back on the right track.

Put simply, we take An Interest in People. In fact, it's a standard we hold ourselves to every day. We may be account experts, but we put people first, and we specialize in working with people who have complicated credit histories. Success is sweetest when it benefits all parties involved.

Step outside the box.

Most lenders rely on automated formulas to convert your credit history into grades and numbers—all without a real person taking a look at your application. We choose not to compartmentalize. We think your history is more than a formula, so we'll personally work with you. Our experts have helped thousands of people with imperfect credit find ways to start rebuilding their lives.

You're a person,
not a number.

You're a person who has a story worth understanding. And if you've had bumps in the road that affected your credit history, we get it. We work with it all the time, and we'll work with you—person to person.

We'll help guide you to your goal…

Every borrower gets a personal representative to help navigate the twists and turns of borrowing and repayment. Need advice or want to know what the fine print means? Just give your rep a call.

…all so you can make a fresh start.

This may be our business, but it's really all about you. The types of accounts we offer are specifically geared to help you make a new start in a manageable way. Because buying a car is a great way to make a new beginning.

Questions? Let's chat. Get in touch.

It's a second chance, a do-over, a mulligan — whatever you call it, we can make it yours.

Dealer information

You have customers, we have answers. Just as your auto expertise helps you guide buyers to just the right vehicle, our account experts make sure borrowers get financing that'll work for them.

Financing For Fresh Starts

Attorney referrals

Just about everyone needs a car—but people who have filed for bankruptcy can have a tricky time getting financing. If you have a client in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we know exactly how to help.

Help Your Clients Turn Over A New Leaf