When we take care of people,
the deals take care of themselves.

Avid Acceptance began with the aim to fulfill a clear need in the lending industry. Banking had generally become an impersonal experience, and few lenders were actually taking the time to put people first. Our founders wanted to set a higher standard by offering friendly service, easy accessibility, and prompt turnaround times. They wanted a loan expert to personally review every applicant's story instead of depending solely on computer-generated scores. Our founders knew that by putting people first, profits would come too. And it’s been a great formula for success: our company has grown considerably, and so has the number of people we've been able to affect in a positive way.

  • Curt Rudd
    Curt is a founder of Avid Acceptance. His background of 30+ years in auto lending and business management have helped make our company what it is today. He has a philosophy of putting people first and it's reflected in Avid’s culture, which helps make Avid a great place to succeed. Curt has held key senior management positions including financing operations and business development with national lenders. He holds a Degree in Business Administration from Eastern Oregon University. His hobbies include boating, trail running and anything outdoors.
  • Ben Larisch
    As an officer and founder of Avid Acceptance, Ben oversees all things related to operations, information and technology. He brings a lot of valuable management experience to the table- he has 15 years of tech experience with programming and software development plus 10 years in the auto finance industry. Ben has a unique blend of skill and vision, and he has plenty going on outside work, too - his hobbies include cycling, beekeeping and brewing kombucha.
  • Curtis Ash
    Curtis has over 10 years of experience in auto finance, including time at a Fortune 500 Company. He leads the accounting and finance functions at Avid Acceptance. His past and current experiences have instilled a deep rooted belief that working with integrity is the best way to achieve quality results. Curtis has a B.S. in Finance and Master of Science in Finance degree from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. He is a former collegiate football player and is an avid runner.
  • Mark Ford
    EVP, Loan Origination
    Mark knows the automotive and banking industries inside and out, which makes him the perfect EVP of Loan Origination. He has 30 years of extensive experience in the automotive lending industry, working for GMAC, GE Capital, and Nuvell. Mark has also spent considerable time in auto retail and has assisted in the launch of several subprime companies that specialize in bankruptcy financing. Mark is also a marathoner, having completed almost 20—he’s pushing for 50 total.
  • Molly Hansen
    Senior Operations Manager
    Molly has worked in the auto finance industry for over 10 years and possesses a unique, specialized background in compliance and bankruptcy. Her central role lets her use her legal knowledge and experience to help shape both our current structure and our future. Molly has a B.S. in Communications from the University of Utah and an MBA from Westminster College. She has re-discovered her love for skiing and hiking since joining Avid's team.
  • Ryan Hymas
    Executive Director of Loan Servicing
    As an innovative leader in loan servicing, Ryan understands the auto finance market and all of its nuances. He has experienced its rise and development while reshaping the approach to provide an excellent customer experience. He understands how critical it is to align customer input with our philosophy, and he has just the right balance of education and experience for outstanding account management. Outside work, Ryan’s an expert skier and professional musician.

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